Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Project Superpowers

Here are some of the sketchcards I drew for Breygent Marketing's upcoming Project Superpowers trading card set. (Weirdly, my scans turned out a bit grainy, but I'd already shipped them off before I'd noticed and I didn't get the chance to rescan them.)

*whew* That was a marathon of doodles you just made it through.


  1. Beautiful work, Hack! Wish you'd taken me up on inking Green Lama in 2004, but I know it woulda kinda been slumming...

  2. Wow that is a lot of work and very cool seeing I am into that type of stuff! Cheers!

  3. Jim,

    Not slumming at all!! I remember that I was working on something else at the time. Although, I can't even remember was it was now and still wish I'd inked Green Lama, so I absolutely should have rearrange my schedule and done it. Actually, while drawing him for this set I was thinking about your GL series.

  4. Thanks, Robert!

    Yeah--your almost 'JC Coll' finishes would have made a huge difference in my approach--I'd have gone more realistic, instead of my regular '70's-ish style. Was trying to do it initially as a 'What If?TM Spark Publications had never gone under?'--'Noel Sickles'-style craftint-look--like the Christmas issue of Lama by Raboy. At least I got to work with Jeff Austin and Mark Stegbauer on the second issue. AC were...difficult, anyway--just REFUSED to let me do anything clever, stylistically--and Bill loathed my writing (in good company with that though--he hates Alan Moore and Grant Morrison pretty hard). :D