Sunday, June 26, 2011


A pulpy pin-up featuring my Masonic superhero, The Templar. Hopefully, I'll begin working on the Templar comic this year. Now, whether anyone actually gives a crap is still up for debate.


  1. Fun image seeing I am into this pulp retro stuff I give a crap!;) I am working on a sort of retro feel scifi adventure comic book right now myself. Cheers.

  2. I give a crap! 'Course, I'm a Freemason, so of COURSE I do! :)

  3. Thanks Dave!

    I always wonder (well, worry) about how Masons will take the book. Not being a Mason myself, I think they could see it as my mocking them (it IS a big pulpy/monster-hunting/adventure comic after all). But the Freemasons of the book are a force for good. I've always be fascinated by secret societies and fraternal orders, Masons, Oddfellows, Rosicrucians... the history of them much more than the conspiracy stuff.

    I want The Templar comic to be a mash-up of everything I'm obsessed with- Pulp/comicstrip adventure heroes, detectives, film noir, old cars, monsters, zombies, Sci-fi, Horror, history, femme fatales, and the Masons. I just hope it comes across as a loving tribute rather than parody or worse yet, jumping on the Dan Brown bandwagon.

    I've actually heard positive comments from a few Masons who have seen some Templar art; which has set me at ease a bit.

    I might impose on you to give the book a once-over when it's ready. And you can judge how hated I'll be. :) That's not for a while, though. I have a bunch of other things to do before I can devote myself the The Templar.